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Final exam dah....

Final exam format
Monday, June 20, 2011
Posted By : Ainon binti Omar
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...Dear students,

As you all have been informed, your final exam will on the 9th and 10th of July. So for this course, FIK3042, The format of the paper is as follows:

1. There will be 2 sections to the paper. You have to answer all questions. The paper will be 3 hours.

2. Section 1 will consist of 4 texts and you have to answer both comprehension and vocabulary questions. All questions are objective questions so make sure you choose the best answer.There are 50 questions for this section.

3. Section 2 will cover the grammar items learnt in the module. Questions are in the form of filling in the blanks statements as well as 3 short cloze texts. Also objective questions so choose the best answer. There are 30 questions for this section.

I hope the information is helpful for you to prepare for the exam. Any queries, please ask your tutors via Myguru forum. All the best and thanks!

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